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Company nameChengdu Automotive Industry Corporation
Founded year1957
Following prime minister En-lai Zhou's "Four Modernization" movement, the "State-Owned 132nd Factor" a.k.a. "Chengdu Aerospace Corporation" funded a sub-company called "Chengdu Automotive Industry Corporation" to convert military technology for civilian uses.

After years of studying Soviet produced engines, in 1971. CAIC built its first production vehicle: the Qian-Li-Ma 1 (Roughly translates to Stud One) aimed to replace the Soviet produced luxury cars the communist party leader are currently using. The model is a complete failure as it cannot provide the performance and comfort Soviet cars can. The company encountered severe fiscal deficit in 1976 and went defunct shortly after.

In the Year 1981, the company was resurrected by the government to counter the foreign car companies from taking over the domestic market and CAIC had partial success in year 1981 to 1995 and became a private company in year 1996.

Til today, the CAIC shares a reasonable part of the Chinese market and it is aiming to compete in European and American markets.

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