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Company nameRocket Motor's Company
Founded year1981
Rocket Motor's Company, or, how it was called in 81' Nesta Factory Review. Was A young start-up for making car's. at first there we're one pieces on the 500Square Meter's WareHouse. But 5 Month's later. Nicolás Rod. Meded the NFR 81' Revenger. Whit follower's and Buyer's of the 81' Rev. Rocket Motor's Company Was Born. At 1982. We decided to make a Rally-Ish car. The EK66 Rally-ER. Borning the "VTEC Kicked In Yo'". At 1985 35+ Vehicles we're in the History Of the Company. But. A single Day. Nicolás Rod. Needed to move to USA for MAJOR circumstances. there they meded the HQ. RMCHQ-U-S-A. Then 6 Month's Later. at Strat's of 1986. A major discovery was maded....

The Company Had It's First Competitor. Forduru, A Not-Rally-Ish vehicle company. Also using VTEC.
Then at 1987. (EHEM EHEM FNAF2 EHEM EHEM) 50+ Competitor's we're VS RMC. The answer?
V8! V8 American Muscle's we're starting t be produced. IN MASS! 50+ Muscles we're maded in a day.
Nicolás Rod. neded vacation's on Isle Of Man. also Found Pleb's Company. and builded ANOTHER HQ.

2017 Was Getting. 70% of the competitor's were down to scractch and now part's of RMC.
RMC STARTED TO RULE THE WORLD-ISH. Why ISH? because Forduru.Suburu And Pleb's Company we're still doing OK. (We're's BMW? Part of RMC.) 2017 Nov.14 The M3 GTR-MK5 Was Born. In the first weekend.
7.8M Car's we're sold.

To Be Continued...      (Back To The Future Reference)

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