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Company nameTvornica Delta Group
Founded year1924

The Tvornica Delta Group had started its history in 1924, when Dresden family start importing cars from around the world to Brazil, via Dresden & Co. Imp. and Exp Ltd. In the 40s, the time of the end of WWII, the company had trouble importing vehicles, and then started to explore other means of achieving profits. The businessman of Russian origin Ilya Kozlov had a metallurgical factory and wanted to multiply the profits. The coffee grower Hermann Bölkow was eyeing new investments. So the three came together in a great idea ...

produce auto parts! The financial part was the responsibility of Bölkow; The marketing part was under the care of Dresden. And the infrastructure was part of Koslov, who built a shed in the Ipiranga neighborhood and put the words on the facade: "DRESDEN-TVORNICA". Your employees were mostly coming from Koslov Liteynaya Foundries Ltd., which was next door. The new factory was founded in May 1946. Dresden Although already a household name, Bölkow did not agree with the presence of only one of the names in the company, which was registered as Dresden-Bölkow-Koslov Co. Ltd. (DBK). Due to lack of agreement simply withdrew the name "DRESDEN" of the facade, and its products leave with simplified registration "TVORNICA", which was how the company came to be known.

In the 30s, one of the Dresden brothers, Emil, founded a workshop that repaired cars at first, but then began to prepare them with special items produced by it. After the opening of DBK factory, Emil went to his cousin Rudolf, director of products of DBK, for the production of some special pieces. After verifying the conditions of the factory, Emil saw the possibility of assembling cars on a large scale on site. Consulting the other partners, the idea is approved. In 1948, a team was preparing what would be the first car produced by the factory, the DBK Tvornica 150, or simply T-150.

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