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Company namePraktiska
Founded year1956

The Company

Praktiska was formed in Norway in 1956 by a group of engineers in the industrial, and former ship-building town of Drammen, 40km South West of Oslo.

The name 'Praktiska' derives from 'Practical' or 'Praktisk' in Norwegian; denoting to the no-nonsense and practical nature of their vehicles. 

Model History

PB01-A (1959-1972)

The first prototype for the Praktiska PB01-A was revealed to the press in October 1958. It was not completely finished, and although the form of the chassis was final, the car could not be driven. This car was later used as a prototype, and many changes was made during later testing.

Norwegian and foreign press showed much enthusiasm towards the project, and the car was compared with brands like Citröen, Volvo and SAAB.

The first customer received his car May 1, 1959.

To be continued...

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