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Company nameDragon Engineering
Founded year1967
CountryUnited States
Started in a garage in 1967, Dragon Engineering has been a successful company for nearly 50 years. Their variety ranges from economy cars with a zest to hardcore supercars that draw eyes. The owners and founders are a German named Leon von Baron and an American named Arthur McLaine. They run the company with a passion for speed, engineering, and perfection.

The company  started with a V8 engine and a dream. The two men wore working on a custom engine which they were planning to put in a broken-down 1966 Ford Mustang they had, but they decided that with the huge power of the engine, they'd start their own company making cars a step ahead of the Big 3. Along the way they made a car out of scraps and pieces they had and called it the Dragon Flame. It was cheap, fast, and also easy to repair making it a big hit. This lead to the birth of a union between the Germans and Americans that would be like no other before it.

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