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Company nameVeículos Xavante S/A
OwnerEl Saico (Gold Contributor)
Founded year1993

The history of Xavante begins with its predecessor, Gurgel Motores, a Brazilian auto manufacturer founded in 1969. After the lifting of import restrictions and a massive tax reduction for all under-1.000cc vehicles by president Fernando Collor in 1990, sales suffered badly from the influx of affordable competitors such as the Lada Niva and the Fiat Uno Mille.

When the company entered preventive bankruptcy, a group of investors headed by the steel sector's Gerdau family saved it from its imminent collapse, renaming it Xavante, after one of the automaker's flagship vehicles and an indigenous tribe from their native Southern region.

Today, Xavante's Guaíba plant is renowned not only for having significantly raised the standards of all Brazilian city automobiles, but also for its robust, sharp sports vehicles designed to give the pilot a feel of direct control.

Medals & Awards4 / 14 medals

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